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As more consumers become tech savvy in this progressive technology era, more businesses are transforming their setup from structure to services to lure consumers for more sales and profits. A dynamic digital platform is being established which attracts consumers and retailers alike in everyday activities and offerings.

The emergence of the Internet with advanced marketing and business tools and resources has transformed the market tremendously. A lot of e-Commerce websites are sprouting up on the Internet to accommodate the changes in the business world as market trends fluctuate and consumer demands take on new forms.

Purpose of e-Commerce Website

Businesses that want to remain competitive in the market need to acquire a well designed and developed e-Commerce website to attract the right audiences for more sales and profit as well as generate a stronger market presence. This is indeed necessary with the rising competition in the market today where small and new business entrepreneurs pose a strong threat to market survival unlike before.

It has been necessary for businesses to have an e-Commerce website with dynamic features to cater to marketing functions and business objectives. The website is designed with easy navigation and user friendly screens displaying relevant and interesting contents that would captivate web visitors. Moreover, the website should be designed such that a pleasant online experience is assured with every visit that would win over web visitors as business customers.

Attractive graphics and images without being overpowering are instrumental in captivating web visitors’ attention to stay longer on browsing the pages before making a purchase. Contents should be produced and displayed to captivate the visitors enough for repeated visits and purchases. A good impression of the website on the visitors is crucial to promoting the brand and business.

An e-Commerce website would also include safe and secure payment processes with various payment options for the convenience of the online buyers. This would require different payment options set up to permit customers’ choice of payment for their online orders or purchases. Personal consumer information, especially identity and financial information must be securely stored without hacking or fraud potentials happening.

e-Commerce Website Design & Development

An e-Commerce website is designed and developed to be useful to the business in promoting the brand and offerings through a convenient mode of transaction that is assuredly safe and secure. Hence, specific programming languages such as Magento, PHP, WordPress and Python are popular choices in designing an e-Commerce website.

While some languages are free, others have a fee. PHP and Drupal are free to be used by any webmaster in the designing of an e-Commerce website while Magento and Zen cart imposes a charge for application development. An e-Commerce website could also be designed and developed by professional website designers and developers who would also use HTML to ensure a more SEO friendly website.

Webmasters could attempt the e-Commerce website design and development personally or hire professional website designers and developers who are experts in this arena. A dynamic e-Commerce website is vital in projecting the business as advanced in the industry with the latest technologies and convenient components for more sales and profits.

An online business with an e-Commerce website opens up more doors of opportunities for web business owners and marketers alongside an offline presence. Local and global businesses could be conducted at any time of the day from any location in the world to enjoy more sales and profit.

Features and Functionality

An e-Commerce website may not look much different to many consumers unless they are familiar with the features of such a website. It usually has vibrant web page designs offering hot products or services for sale. Entrepreneurs and customers interact with one another electronically for every business transaction.

Such a marketing platform is attractive and totally responsive with a customized appearance to be ranked highly by search engines. The dynamic web page design is unique, professional and modern to grab web visitors’ attention. This is part of the marketing strategy to draw more web traffic to their website. It is an appealing design to lure visitors’ return.

The design engages the use of diverse tools including plug-ins and widgets to portray an advanced multimedia platform with desired effects like animation. Such features also catch the attention of search engines to be ranked higher than other websites.

These dynamic features make the e-Commerce websites to be search engine friendly for a higher ranking that boosts the business reputation in the market. The inclusion of embedded multimedia files sports a stylish look, although flash files are to be avoided as search engine spiders are not able to index such formats. Moreover, flash files are slow to download while usurping huge volumes of bandwidth. A visitor may leave the page when the downloading is slow.

Modern Web Design

The traditional approach of website design was to hire professional web designers, but today, a host of alternatives is available to implement the creative website design using powerful software and applications.

An effective e-Commerce website could be generated using theme generator software that enables the business to have its own distinction in the market by attracting the right crowd. The market offers many dynamic selections to fit any type of business for a modern design that entices more traffic.

Some companies may still insist on including flash files or designs in their e-Commerce website designs. With the proper tools and understanding of code alterations, flash files could be incorporated with separate HTML pages on each flash page. This ensures a path for the search engine spiders to crawl through the desired HTML pages while users are able to view the flash contents.


An e-Commerce website is a powerful marketing platform to handle today’s marketing demands with the advanced technologies surfacing. More business opportunities are created via an e-Commerce website that spurns more income for the marketer. Hence, it is important to design and develop an apt e-Commerce website that is fitting to achieve the business goals and objectives. Businesses with an e-Commerce website tend to enjoy more traffic and sales.

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