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Making Money From YouTube

Our last option for this guide is going to be making money from YouTube.

This is something that a lot of people never think of as being ‘passive income’ but actually, it can be if you approach it the right way. If you can create an evergreen video (meaning it will never become dated) and get it to the top of the search results for a popular search term, then you can generate a lot of traffic to that video on a daily basis without having to do any maintenance.

Potentially, a video in a popular niche can make you $20 a day – and if you have several of these then you’ve immediately made a living!

This is a great option because you are at once getting to create your own channel – as you would do running a blog – and benefit from a distribution platform in the form of YouTube.

To make money on YouTube successfully, the key is to deliver value, to have great quality production values, and to choose smart niches that people will search for.

This means investing a little money in your studio set-up first. Having a softbox that you can use to create some good lighting and a reasonable camera will make all the difference. And don’t forget audio quality – use a cheap lapel mic and you’ll make a massive difference for your viewers.

But the real tip is to make your videos shorter. YouTube actually says that it prefers shorter videos (because these tend to get watched all the way through) and making short videos will of course take you a lot less time!

If you can create some short YouTube videos, then you can massively increase the number of videos you have on YouTube and massive increase your consistency. Now even if none of your videos are very successful, the sheer number of them will mean that you keep raking in a lot of money.

You can then stop and leave your channel to keep earning money while you’re sleeping for years to come.

And the best part? Making money from YouTube is a lot of fun. This way, you’re going to have your own audience of fans that you can build a relationship with and you’re going to be making something you’re proud of, speaking in front of a camera on a topic you love.

Heck, being a YouTuber can mean making money from making music online, or acting. This is a way to fulfill your dream of being a rock star or an actor… professionally!

But the point is that once you have this up and running, you’ll be able to kick back and let the cash roll in. The point is that you’re not tied to your nine-to-five or to your desk. Passive income makes you free and we’ve seen, it really is very possible when you have the know-how.

For many more tips and MUCH more guidance on how to set up your own passive income business, make sure to check out the full eBook. Otherwise, why not get started on creating that muse and see if you can start letting the cash roll in even while you’re sleeping or on holiday?

Get active now so that you can enjoy being passive later!


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