The Power of Pinterest for Small Businesses

What You Need To Know About Internet Marketing Niche

Modern technologies keep pouring in more and more dynamic marketing strategies via various appealing channels for businesses to leverage on. Even small businesses are not sidelined or forgotten with advanced technologies sprouting out a host of versatile Internet marketing techniques now and then; one of which is Pinterest marketing.

Utilizing Pinterest for Small Business

Business owners and marketers today are well aware of social media marketing where social media networks are leveraged upon to promote business and branding. Pinterest is a special social media networking site that offers a high degree of creativity and innovation through its wide range of crafting and quotes via pictures and images.

This graphical component of Pinterest makes it really attractive and appealing to web users who enjoy the visual view of products, brands and marketers instead of text alone. This is the highlight of Pinterest that is effective in drawing a lot of web users to its site in search of beauty, information, products or brands in a different presentation.

The beauty of Pinterest is its accessibility to small businesses as a dynamic marketing arm to reach a wide scope of potential business leads. This would secure the market position of the business until it is bigger and stronger to compete with bigger market players more confidently. The increasing community size of Pinterest is very lucrative to small businesses in grabbing a piece of the pie no matter how small it may seem. There is always ‘fish in the pond’ to sustain the small business enterprise to survive the tough market until it is more established.

This visual-rich platform makes online searches more interesting and easy with the available tools. Pinterest is manipulated with a particular search item or question in mind. This could refer to a personal or business search where the highly versatile discovery engine is designed to uncover or inspire bright ideas through pictures, images or graphics.

Pinterest Marketing Approach

The marketing approach to a successful Pinterest marketing deployment is to promote it along with other Internet marketing tools available. This refers to the business website, Facebook page or Twitter.

A small business is usually handled by the single-minded entrepreneur struggling to get the business moving in a fast-paced overwhelming marketplace. However, small transactions or engagements could be incorporated on a smaller scale to attract potential business leads which could be easily managed unless the marketing strategy turns viral. This could include the likes of an online contest and posting unique pictures or inspirational quotes.

Start following others and this would motivate others to follow back growing the potential leads list for the brand and company on a subtle path. Good ethics should be practiced from the start for any aspiring small Internet business owners to attract others. Consistent pins on business related items or theme would help fans and followers identify the brand or business. This would also establish the brand and business as well as the marketer in the social media community as a reliable, trustworthy and worthwhile investment to be engaged in.

Regular Updates

The success of Pinterest marketing lies in the regular updating of pictures that are interesting to targeted niche audiences. This would keep them at the edge of their seats for the latest updates. Marketers engaging Pinterest marketing should consider pinning about 10 pins per day which could include personal selections or other users’ choice pins.

Repin pictures that are related to the business niche to emphasize on relevancy and establishment of brand or company. This is critical to newly released products that would be well received in the market. Appealing or interesting images on blogs could also be pinned to attract web consumers to visit the blog for more detailed business information.

However, competitor products should not be pinned to avoid indirect promotion, although some may want to do a comparison to boost their own products. There is no lack of pictures, images or graphics which could be pinned daily with the sky as the limit. Moreover, the growing Pinterest community makes it very attractive for marketers to manipulate Pinterest more proactively.

Inspirational and motivational quotes could be regular update items besides pictures and graphical images. Infographics are also very popular to attract different categories of Pinterest users.

Effective Engagement of Buyers

Pinterest marketing is proven to be an effective marketing tool to engage potential leads on the platform. This tool could be deployed efficiently in capturing the market for small businesses when the right marketing approaches are adopted.

Market research indicates a high percentage of Pinterest community are generous buyers compared to the Facebook community. This is great news for small businesses that require more chances of sales to establish their business quickly before competing with the bigger players in the market.
More sales could be generated by small businesses that understand the dynamics of Pinterest through its available features and functionality. The wise manipulation of its Secret Boards could generate high sales that would delight the marketer who must understand that only 3 boards could be made secret and that a public board cannot be made secret while a Secret Board could be made public.

Pinterest Secret Boards Tips

1. Create VIP clients boards
2. Create special advertising boards only for VIP customers
3. Synergize Teamwork for greater results
4. Pin new ideas that could be shared for branding
5. Prepare boards in advance for future business events such as product launches
6. Create Membership Boards to generate extra income while providing additional information to paying subscribers
7. Develop dynamic training and hiring videos to save time in expanding the business without wasting time on training new recruits.
8. Create a special board to promote a special event which could be personal or public
9. Generate a Bucket List which records all product inspiration that could prove useful later
10. Check out the competition


Pinterest marketing is a very powerful marketing tool in the hands of small business entrepreneurs or marketers who wish to start out small in the market until they are more established and experienced to take the bull by its horns.

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