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What are the top 10 must have plugins for psp?

What plugins will i enjoy.

Posted by Narkeith
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Plugins or u mean homebrew applications?

Plugins, well id say the best plugin would be the Custom XMB plugin witch allows u to install completly customized themes unlike the original ones. U can make ur psp seem like a Xbox portable or even Windows Vista.

If u mean Applications id say

WifiSniffer – allows ur psp to sniff for wifi internet connections in your area.
PSP doom- allows u to play Doom 1 and 2 and doom engine based games such as heretic.

PSPRevoloution – Psp Version of the arcade game Dance Dance Revoloution

PSP Aircrack – Attemps to crack a Password protected Wifi Connection

PSP SonyRemote – Allows you to take control of a Wifi compatible sony Tv or other electronics. (goto a sony store and have fun blasting up the tv volumes) lol

gpSP – Gameboy Advanced Emulator, allows u to play all GBA and GB games on ur psp

Snes9x – Super Nintendo Emulator, allows u to play all SNES games on ur psp. U download this from mininova(dot)com. Comes with all the games

Bookr – allows u to read novels on ur psp

ofcourse for all this to work on ur psp u need to have Custom firmware (hacked psp). Goto youtube and look how to do it if u dont know anything about it. If u already have CFW try them out.

Reccomemded firefox plugins?

Can someone create a list of plugins i need for firefox 4
because i just got a new laptop a few days ago and installed firefox
heres what i have right now
adobe acrobat
java deployment toolkit
java(TM) Platform SE 6 U25
shockwave flash
silverlight plug-in 4.0.50401.0
windows live photo gallery 15.4.3502.922

and btw im useing windows 7 x64 bit.

Posted by Justin Allen
What is the best seo component/module/plugin for joomla ?

I am trying to imptove my site's ranking : Http:// and Http://
Automatic meta generators are not working for me ..

Thanks 🙂

Posted by tima bayloun
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Well, I found a TOP 10 that I agree with. Some of the extensions are paid ones but do the job right.

1. Set Generator Tag
This plugin allows you to modify the default Joomla CMS generator meta tag and make it whatever you want. Using this plugin means you will not have to change templates or the core Joomla files, and your changes will remain even if a new version of the CMS is downloaded since the changes reside in the Set Generator plugin, not Joomla itself.

2. SEOSimple
As the name states, this Joomla SEO plugin is meant to be simple, and its function is to take the starting portion of a page’s text content and apply it to the meta description at the head of the page. Since search engines will often use meta descriptions for SERPS, it is crucial that they have relevant content.

3. SEO Pagination
This easy-to-use plugin lets you give every page on your Web site a unique title, which is great if you have multiple categories, and can help give each page greater strength in overall SEO rankings.

4. JoomSEF
The JoomSEF plugin lets you rewrite your Joomla URLs so that they are more search engine friendly (SEF). These custom URLs can make for a better browsing experience for users and can lead to higher rankings from search engines.

5. J!Redirect 301
This Joomla SEO plugin allows you to easily create 301 redirects so that the only page indexed by search engines will be your main page. All other access requests will be directed to your main site, and 301 is the only type of redirect considered to be search engine friendly.

6. SiteVerify Plugin
SiteVerify adds a simple way to insert HTML Meta tags so that your site can be verified with Google, Live and Yahoo.

7. Website Name
This compact plugin gives you the ability to display your Web site name on the front end, letting you choose if you want it before or after the page title.

8. SEO-Generator
This does what it says – generates SEO keywords and description automatically from text and content.

9. Auto Backlinks
A simple plugin, this automatically pings high-ranking pages for auto backlinks directly to your site.

10. Unicode Slugs SEF
This is a great plugin allowing you to add special characters, accents and capitals in URLs that Google and other sites have no problem searching for.

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