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Please enumerate for me the top wordpress themes?

All the most wanted wordpress themes only.

Posted by Mary Reed
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WordPress is attractive and powerful CMS to use even in Blog also, So when you are buying a premium WordPress theme you are paying once and you are covered for a long time. Check out the following links and you will find the beautiful themes that will express your web design needs.

WordPress Musix Theme: Http://…

WordPress Club Theme : Http://…

Pinterest Theme:

Software wordpress theme 2013, best from premium themes?

Iā€™m looking for some nice WordPress theme that is connected with Software industry. Just need best of the best, some unique and up-to date design and features. Thanks for help.

Posted by Balbir
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You should visit this site. Many software wordpress themes are available at affordable prices. The design is pretty nice and set of features rocks! I took one theme for my online shop here, too and very satisfied. Check out some other categories, e.g. Business or portfolio. Have fun.

Where could I get a WordPress theme like this?

I need a wordpress theme for my WordPress (obviously) & I am mainly looking for Layout (ie: where posts go, where the sidebar is, etc.), because I am going to edit the theme because I know CSS. Here's what I'm looking for:

– Width is 1000px
– positioned to the left (NOT CENTER)
– sidebar is on the right (still in the 1000px)
– navbar is on the top

If anyone could find a theme with this LAYOUT that would be great.

For a better explanation, see: Http://

Posted by matt1410
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Lots of premium themes can satisfy your need.

You can get one of them at Http://

I would recommend magazine style wordpress theme šŸ™‚


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