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How do I stop a yellow pop up that shows in the bottom that tells me to open or save a certain program?

This is driving me crazy. I even went to my pop up blocker and put the website and it still shows up.

What it says is Do you want to open or save ttj.js (576 bytes) from

On the side it says open save or cancel and the x. What do I do to stop it

oh I am using internet explorer. On windows 8
i now know is a virus or spyware. I have the latest trend micro and i don't want to download something extra that will cause more harm to my computer. Do you guys know what i can use that is free and i can just used it once to get read of it.

Posted by Saix
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If it is malware, why does Trend not kill it ?
Why insist on using an AV package that is not protecting you ?

This spyware has been around for a long time, and requires you to install a trojan to get infected.
Follow the instructions here Http://…

Use the links on my blog to choose a remote AV scanner. This will just run via a browser and is not left installed anywhere. (scroll down to "ESET UK Online Scanner" and take your pick)
While you are there, add some protection to your browser with the security plugins at the top.
Visit the extra links to choose a better AV.

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