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With 2016 in sight, marketers and business owners are scrambling to grab the latest SEO guide for greater business opportunities to boost their business bottom lines. It is well known that dynamic SEO features are highly desired in every competitive business website to attract targeted niche markets.

As technology progresses, such SEO features tend to change with new developments which are more dynamic and versatile. Marketers would do well to stay abreast with these changes to stay in the good books of top search engines’ indexing and ranking exercises.

Google is also proactive in updating its search algorithms to incorporate the latest technology changes which impact SEO features and business factors. Hence, an updated guide on SEO fundamentals for the New Year is essential to keep up with the industry changes in the marketplace for marketers and business owners to be on par with market demands and trends.

1) Keyword Research

A very basic SEO fundamental since its origin is keyword research. It is still critical to identify the best long tailed keywords or key phrases to attract targeted niche audiences to the business brands and offerings. Many tools are readily available with more sophisticated ones sprouting as technology advances.

2) On-page SEO

On-page SEO fundamental was confirmed by last year’s ranking factor report to be a relevant component this year where longer content is preferred to deliver more interesting and compelling information to readers. Hence, an article count between 1000 and 1300 words is preferred to convey the business message clearly with sufficient details for the consumers to make a decisive business action.

Identified keywords or key phrases should be incorporated throughout the content, title, heading and conclusion sections for a greater impact on readers with internal links present to optimize the page. A good header and meta-tags are highly recommended for white hat SEO practices while websites need to be more mobile friendly or mobile compatible with the emerging mobile technology. The optimal content structure that is desired includes interactive menus, bullets and internal links in assisting users in good page navigation.

3) Mobile SEO

Mobile technology is pushing up a lot of dynamic and sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with advanced apps to tap into the growing web consumer market that comprises mobile users. This prompts marketers to consider upgrading their websites to become mobile SEO based with greater speed, small file size, structured content, lower word count and minimum ads cater to the small mobile device screens so that mobile web users would still enjoy a dynamic online experience.

4) Link Building

Link building is a basic SEO feature that may have lost some of its luster today due to semantic contexts and advanced technologies. Marketers today need to focus on earning links over building links as links remain significant in 2016 SEO fundamentals.

Marketers could execute guest blogging and social media networking to attract viable links for drawing more traffic to their website.

5) Content Marketing

2016 is purportedly to spur more in-depth research on securing comprehensive content of greater value to meet the needs of targeted niche audiences. Such content is deemed to be of high quality that would push up the rankings of the website by top search engines. The contents must be accurate in the facts presented in an interesting style that would captivate its targeted audience.

Fresh content is desired on a regular basis by marketers or business entrepreneurs who wish to maintain their loyal list of customers and potential business prospects.

6) Continuous Updates

With the progressive technologies happening in this era, there is no escape with a continuous updating of the website with the latest SEO features where even the most fundamental elements are not spared.

This could be due to changing market trends and consumer behaviors stemming from fluctuating consumer demands towards lifestyle, living, work or even politics. As the saying goes, “change is the only constant in life”, there is a need to keep updating the website with advanced SEO elements to cater to the changing market trends and consumer expectation.

The essential points about SEO are to move with the times as dynamically as possible to remain relevant in the marketplace to rise above the increasing competition. There would always be changes to be accommodated from setup to implementation as well as continuous ongoing refinements over time depending on progressive technologies and market trends.

7) Setting SEO Goals

All marketers and business entrepreneurs who indulge in SEO websites must be clear about the need to set and update SEO goals of their web business site designs and system from time to time. This is in line with managing business and consumer expectations with realistic business and SEO goals set and updated in measurable terms.
Common SEO goals would include improving webpage rankings and page visit statistics as well as hits before higher sales could be achieved. Achieving such SEO goals would have higher ROIs come knocking on the doors soon enough.

8) Applying White Hat SEO

No matter how tempting the situation could turn into, marketers and business entrepreneurs must be constantly guided by white hat SEO techniques as opposed to black hat SEO and grey hat SEO. Higher rankings are accorded to websites with white hat SEO techniques applied faithfully. This is established by the constant improvement of search engine technology with its search engine indexing system refinement that would encourage marketers and business owners along the white hat SEO track.

White hat SEO principles are classic practices that bring on great rewards. This includes a well structured website, good links, quality fresh and relevant content and a continuous update on the features to keep abreast with the latest market trends to cater to the latest consumer demands and technology advancements.


Although technologies may evolve with new chapters coming on fast, Internet marketers and business entrepreneurs would need to lay down the strong basics of SEO fundamentals first before piling up on new options. This approach would offer higher returns with less hassle for all parties.

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