Using Unmanaged Host Services

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The needs of a business may require for a total control of the business’

website. The business operation cannot allow for unexpected downtime or

be constrained by what is available in the hosting’s web server. This is

where the unmanaged web hosting offering comes in. There is a dedicated

administrator to oversee the proper operation of your website.

The web hosting company will not be responsible for the regular administration

of the web server in the unmanaged web hosting service. This kind of

administration which is present in a managed hosting service is missing in an

unmanaged hosting offering. In this arrangement, you must have your own

dedicated IT person to perform this task.

The unmanaged hosting services is often used in the development of real time

fast response systems such as geographical weather analysis, oil mining and

engineering and the entertainment applications. The amount of customization

both in software and hardware is so different and it does not fit in any

other model of hosting. The add-on software that is required could be

proprietary and there could be a business-required attached hardware

peripherals as well.

Many web hosting servers are already configured for this kind of web hosting

model. However, If the web hosting’s specification is not enough, the customer

can choose to add additional resources like hard disk or software add-ons.

Each configuration is surely unique to fit and reflect the business


The unmanaged web hosting service is not for small businesses which are better

of with a managed hosting service instead of the unmanaged to relieved them

from the additional task of administration. There is a cost incurred in the

unmanaged web hosting service due to the constant software and hardware upgrades

which is performed by the assigned IT staff paid by your business.

The correct planning and technical knowledge is the best strategy wither to

go for a managed versus the unmanaged web hosting service. The greatest benefit

is achieved if the business requirements is empowered by the matching web

hosting model wither it be managed or unmanaged.

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