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How to get freelance web site design projects?

Posted by fiza
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Saying "web design projects" is too broad

There are opportunities to designing WordPress sites and configuring their functionalities, elements and look and feel of the sites

You can also focus on static files, and doing lots of cool CSS stuff

You'll find it easier if you define what you can do best — are you better designing with PHP? Are you just good with the aesthetics and do more like graphic design?

Then use the following sites to sell your services:

elance Http://www.elance.com
Rent a coder Http://www.rentacoder.com

Any Low Cost Web Design Philippines?

Any Low Cost Web Design Philippines?
Please Help!!

Posted by Alexis A
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Philippines Web Design Portfolio – 90% of my projects are in WordPress, built from scratch PSD to theme. Only $197.

Web designing question?

Which language is used to create sites like hootsuite.com, bufferapp.com etc.

Posted by Vaibhav Sharan
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Web designing and web development are different. Web designing is just to create the look and feel of a website. Html, Dhtml, wordpress, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Web development is to make a website dynamic. As in, a website that can interact with users and send and receive data. For example, Facebook! So for web development, we again have front end and back end languages. Front end is Java, .NET, PHP, python, etc and Back end languages are databases like sql, mysql, oracle, db2, sql server.

The webiste you mention has its look designed by html, css. And developed by php I think. Since They have job vacancies for web designers and php programmers.

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TheArtifex (Web, Graphic, Print Design and Web Development …


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