What Are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Retirees?

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It is sad and quite disturbing that many senior workers are forced into retirement when they are still very capable of handling responsibilities and projects. They have the skills and knowledge in carrying on their work beyond the stipulated working age limit imposed by many governments and companies.

Fortunately, there are great alternatives for retirees to stay active in mind, soul and body; one of which is affiliate marketing programs. This could be an excellent income generation profession for retirees who can work on their own terms and conditions without demanding schedules and expectations from superiors.

Attractiveness of Affiliate Marketing

Retirees have a wide selection of potential income generation options that could very well be worked up into a professional personal career over a short period of time after their market stint. There is great commission to be earned in promoting other company’s products and services using simple yet effective marketing skills and strategies.

Such affiliate programs could also be treated as a part-time money generation option for retirees who like to blog. Their blogs could be ad space for affiliate merchants’ products where money could be generated for them with every click on the advert link.

This is a very simple money generation program which does not require the retiree to stock up or sell any merchant’s products. It is hassle free for bloggers to earn some income with online ads placed on their blog site. This is a win-win situation for the blogger retiree and the advertising company as the latter does not pay much for advertising.

Available Affiliate Companies

There are many affiliate programs in the market that are operated by different affiliate companies. Retiree affiliates need to check out the different affiliate companies for the best to support their affiliate program indulgence goals and needs.

1) LinkShare

This is a well established affiliate marketing company boasting of more than 10 million international affiliate partnerships. There are over 2500 affiliate programs to choose from with varying terms and conditions that would meet the designated business objectives a retiree affiliate may have.

2) Commission Junction

This affiliate company made it into the Top 20 Affiliate Networks list of Blue Book in 2012 with their dynamic affiliate program that serves a harmonious balance between marketers and consumers. This company offers professional media information with excellent tracking services to take care of their affiliate marketers.

Commission Junction has attracted many retirees to their affiliate programs with their professional administration. It currently takes the 2nd spot on great affiliate companies’ list based on excellent customer feedback.

3) ShareASale

This Chicago-based network currently boasts of 2500 merchant programs in operation across the globe. It enjoys excellent ratings from satisfied customers which account for the increasing number of affiliates in the company.

4) Amazon Associates

Amazon affiliate program offers a large, well known collection of products in all subject areas that make affiliate marketing tasks easy. New products crop up ranging from books to DIY tools and cookware to entice affiliate marketers and customers.

Amazon Associates operate on a Pay-per-Sale system where payment is made to the affiliate when the item is sold since the item is linked to the affiliate page. Affiliates would be able to enjoy an immediate income which is a good motivation for retiree affiliates seeking extra earnings.
5) Google Affiliate Network

This is another dynamic Pay-per-Sale affiliate network, which offers extra commissions to affiliates who could convert leads into sales. This would be the extra motivation to earn extra cash with a little more effort when a good potential customer is stumbled upon.

6) ClixGalor

This Australian company is highly recognized as a dynamic affiliate marketing player in the market with lots of vibrant affiliate program packages to choose from. Retiree affiliates could choose the best fit that meets their needs with payment options of Pay-per-Sale, Pay-per-Lead or Pay-per-Click. Different retiree affiliates like this company for the flexibility of payment based on the choice of affiliate program engaged.

7) PeerFly.com

This highly rated affiliate company is amongst the top 20 affiliate networks in 2012. Its popularity stemmed from its stellar customer services to offer customers a satisfying experience. Global customers have praised the courteous staff of the company in handling customers and the prompt transaction operations.

8) ClickBank

This is a very famous affiliate network in the market that is well known across the world. It offers dynamic digital products as well as membership sites as part of its affiliate program offerings.

Choice of Retirees

Although the mentioned list is not exhaustive, it suffices for retirees to consider affiliate marketing program confidently as these are very established affiliate companies that would help these retiree affiliates in the setting up and implementation of their new found business venture.

The choice of affiliate companies for retirees depends primarily on their objective as they may want some simple career opportunity that gives them more time to relax at home or pick up their hobby. High income may be secondary to these retirees who have spent a good part of their life in the marketplace.

Others may venture into affiliate marketing programs to keep active in the market, but on a different platform. These are keen to learn new skills and face new challenges in life. It feels good to be one’s own boss with a web business that need not be demanding if the income is not a critical factor.


There is a host of excellent affiliate marketing programs for retirees to consider indulging in if these senior consumers are keen to venture into something new and different. Any established affiliate program should be a good starting platform with the myriad of relevant and affordable business tools and solutions available.

As long as retiree affiliates register with well established affiliate companies and not in get-rich-quick schemes, they would reap the benefits of an affiliate program even if it may take a bit of time. But nothing is impossible when one’s mind and heart are set on the objective and goal which any healthy and active retiree could take on.

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