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Does adsense work with manually installed wordpress website?

Adsense is not working with my wordpress website, which i installed manually to my server. But its working fine with my other websites which was installed using the script installer provided in Cpanel.
Any idea?

Posted by Anish
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WordPress works best with its own plugins, it is easy to google "Adsense plugins for WordPress"
and see what there is, then from the WordPress dashboard, click plugins / add New, search for the Adsense plugin you want and let WordPress install it, activate it and put the Adsense code in the plugin.

How do you upload ComicPress into your WordPress account?

I have a web host with WordPress installed. I have downloaded ComicPress but don't know how to manually upload ComicPress to work. My web hosting service tells me it's fine, but that I have to do it manually and that they don't offer support for this 3rd party service. If you can let me know how this would be done – thank you, thank you thank you!

Posted by Riffy
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Like every plugin, this one is installed with FTP access to your WP account.

Have you read the installation instructions of ComicPress? They are actually quite accurate, just skip step 1:

1. Install WordPress from Http://wordpress.org/ follow their tutorials.
2. Install ComicPress 2.9 into a directory called "comicpress" in lowercase in your theme directory. Do not install it in a directory UNDER comicpress, install it INTO that directory. Copy the files from the zip file with your ftp program into /wp-content/themes/comicpress
3. Install ComicPress Manager into the /wp-content/plugins/ or use the plugins -> add new option in the dashboard.
4. Install Theme Companion into /wp-content/plugins/ or use the plugins -> add new option in the dashboard.
5. In your wordpress dashboard administration area, /wp-admin/ go to Appearance -> Themes and select the ComicPress 2.9 theme or associated child theme that you installed.
6. In your wordpress dashboard administration go to Post -> Categories and add 2 categories, add "Comic" and "Blog", so you will have 3 categories, Comic, Blog and Uncategorized categories.
7. Go to Plugins -> Installed, you should see a list of your plug-ins including ComicPress Manager and Theme Companion, activate them then click on the Dashboard link on the left.
8. Go to ComicPress Manager plugin area called "ComicPress" on your dashboard. Dashboard -> ComicPress (not to be confused with comicpress options in the appearance area) and click on the "Manager Config" link, so Dashboard -> ComicPress -> Manager Config. Inside the Manager config click the first run -> "Make Directories" link that comes up. This will create your comic comic-rss and comic-archive folders.
9. Go to Dashboard -> ComicPress -> ComicPress Config and set your blog category, comic category and make sure the directories are set correctly for your comics. Manager config probably sent you here already.
10. Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> ComicPress Options and select the theme style you want to use and click save. Go through all the different tabs and get overwhelmed by all the options.
11. Go to Dashboard -> ComicPress -> Upload, upload your first comic. Remember the file names need to be in this format YYYY-MM-DD-title-of-comic.ext ext = jpg png gif swf example: 2009-08-26-I-have-been-assimilated.jpg is perfectly valid for a file name, do NOT use any non alpha characters like $#!+@%^&*(){}[] just letters, numbers and dashes. Also if your setting a title, do NOT use a number as the title. 2009-08-26-1.jpg <– Will cause problems, do not use numbers only.
12. Go to to your site, see the results. Rinse – repeat step 11 as often as necessary.

How can i see my adsense earning in WordPress dashboard?

Is there any plugin i can install and connect with my adsense account so when i open my website WordPress dashboard and i can see my daily earning?
I am not using any adsense ads plugin in my side. I manually put ads code to my site.

Posted by Marlin Girl
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This is a good plugin for your needs.
I use it all the time!

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