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My WordPress template?

Well, I download a WordPress template off of a WordPress themes site, and I'm wondering how I can use the theme I downloaded as the actual theme of my blog. Please help.

Posted by j@Ke
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Assuming you've already installed WordPress and have that first "Hello, world!" post in place, all you need to do is upload the theme files to your wp-content/themes directory, log in as the administrator, and it should come up in your list of available themes.

WordPress template design – how to?

I want to get into WordPress website designs making templates like Yootheme ect but I don't know where I can get tutorials on how to start, can someone help with some links to sites that provide WordPress theme design.

Posted by Lee Hall
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WordPress.org has created their own guide to help new template builders script their own template. It will create something VERY basic, but you have to start out small until you can create really sophisticated themes.

Note that this is something that will take a lot of practice & learning, it will not simply be learned in a year or two, but developed slowly.

Your best bet is to simply buy a theme you like and modify it.

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WordPress Template Programming – Part 1

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