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Adding calendar to wordpress blog?

I activated a theme called Sorbet, which included a calendar on the right side, but it's not showing, all i see is Archives (as a title) and months (like "february 2014") but i want a day-by-day calendar, can anyone help?
Additional info: The blog is Http://cpf2nded.wordpress.com/ (it's in french)

Posted by Anonymous
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The theme probably contains a custome widget that you can find in 'appearance' 'widgets' that you need to drag to the correct sidebar. The sidebar already contains archives and months by default.

How to make a blog look exactly like a website?

I am going to make a blog of my own.All I want is,the blogsite should look like a website.Nobody should understand that this a blogsite.(I am ready to buy a domain name.) …So is this possible?if,please tell me the steps for this for blogger and wordpress.

One more question-
blogger or wordpress for high customisation and website-like looks?

Posted by Sidharth
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How is a blog not a website…!?

But I kind of get what you mean, you don't want people to realize that you're using a CMS and a theme, right? Completely custom looks, so they'll think it is made from scratch, right?

Well, there are no specific steps for this. But there are themes out there which are pretty far away from a standard wordpress look. An the other hand, the official 2013 and 2014 themes look nothing alike.

Unless you're going to create a custom theme, look for one that's really different. There's no better advice; I mean like I said, a blog IS a website.

(Also, I think you have your terminology wrong. A blog (short for "web log") is a website showing weekly or daily "dairy" entries by the author, sorted from latest to earliest. Blogger and wordpress can be used to run a blog, but you can also create more or less static sites with them. The term for this is CMS though, content management system, based on the fact that people who don't know any HTML can easily change and maintain them.)

Why is my premium wordpress theme not being responsive on mobile?

Is there a way to manually fix the mobile website to show ads and not just random code? The theme I bought says it's responsive so I dont get it.

Posted by CaptainSSH
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Look at these blogs all with responsive WP and ads.




Use 2014 Theme

Use header script to put ads on blog

Then put ad code in header script

Blog will be response on a mobi device then.

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