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Where can I download the Sample .xml file for Twenty Fourteen theme in WordPress?

Does anybody know where to download the Sample/Demo ".xml" file for "Twenty Fourteen" theme in WordPress. (Like the Demo page) , So that I could use it to import pages in the template.

Here is the Theme.

Posted by Jijo
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Look on Http://wordpress.org/themes/twentyfourte… for a button that says "Download Version 1.0 and click it.

WordPress is any one here using wordpress?? I need some help?

So am learning learning how to use word press. Currently right now my theme is twenty fourteen. I want to know how i can make my page come down with other categories. For example let lets say the page name is more, when you click on it other pages like come under like Tv, health, auto, homes..

Posted by Junior
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There should be an option in appearance, settings, or plugin tab. If not I would look into a different theme. Http://www.wpbuddy.net/ has plenty of themes, plugins, and everything else you might need Word Press related.

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