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Can you add your web designing company name in a free wordpress theme?

I've just started a web designing company and found some good free wordpress themes. I want to use one of those themes for my own websites. Can i add my web designing company name to theme footer or anywhere else on theme? I mean is this legal? Thanks in advance…
@Alpine: I visited Fthemes.com, they said you cannot use free themes for your clients. So, if mention my web designing company name in footer, wouldn't that be illegal?
@Alpine: I visited Fthemes.com, they said you cannot use free themes for your clients. So, if mention my web designing company name in footer, wouldn't that be illegal?

Posted by Anand
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Yes..you can add whatever you want to them.

Edit…technically there's not much they can do-you're adding something to it, not taking anything out of it,or altering it to make it look like your designed the theme.. Stuff like this has been debated for years on WordPress Forums- the bottom line is the entire WordPress platform was designed as GPL software aka "open-source"..meaning anyone can modify or use the platform any way they like. Most of the newer responsive themes are based on Twitter Bootstrap-which is also "open source".

The main change people make to the free themes is taking out the "powered by WordPress and <theme designer>" in the footer of the pages.Usually you can do this by altering the footer.php file or functions.php , in some themes the code is more obfuscated but lots of people take these out-(in spite of the designers saying it's a copyright violation) and I've never seen a single remark on the forums about someone being threatened with legal action. So..the question is more of an ethical one than a legal one..usually if you make a "nominal" donation to the designers they will (say you can) do whatever you want to the theme-as well as provide full tech support. I always (eventually)give them a donation (at least 25 bucks or so) when I use a free theme for a client site-that's a matter of principle I guess-but as far as legalities go it's doubtful they could/would come at you legally-it costs money to sue people. Not to mention there's the whole GPL /open source element to it-no one really wants to "go there" I don't think.

Edit…no it wouldn't …I read through their "Terms of Service" on their website..basically they sell and market a product as being "theirs" by copyright law….Yet they assume no liability ( this is what their website says) if the product doesn't work(even if you pay for it), or loss results because of it,,,I don't know what the laws are where you live but in Canada and the USA for example you can't have "both ends and the middle",,,,as I explained above it's highly unlikely you would ever be challenged on this legally. They make lengthy legal claims on their website (mostly in poor English- telling you not to use their themes for- quote- "Illegal stuffs"…I would not concern myself too much about it.

How many web design companies use wordpress as a cms?

How many web design companies use wordpress as a cms? Like companies who design websites around existing (or custom) wordpress templates… I know there are a ton of internet businesses selling themes, but I am wondering about the actual custom web design companies out there… Thanks!
Hah, just to clarify… I mean, like a restaurant business wants a website, so they go to a design company and pay a good amount of money for a website, -are alot of these companies just designing around wordpress themes? Thanks…

Posted by IchSprecheDeutsch
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Hi My personal Website was designed and the content management system was done by Shapia software Solution, their wesite is: Http://www.shapia.com/
There provide me wordpress content management system, they are also providing joomla content management. I really love the way the content being managed on my website.

Ecommerce web development company in india?

About Dazzle India Technologies
Dazzle India Technologies is a Web Design/Re-design, PSD TO XHTML, Development, Maintenance, Internet Marketing and E-commerce Website Development Company. We are providing following services to our clients: PHP Web Development with MySql database on Linux and Windows platform, Web Designing (Bespoke graphic designs and PSD (Photoshop design) to HTML/XHTML conversion) also providing the following solutions – Ecommerce, WordPress, PayPal integration, Customized CMS.

Our Executed websites:

3.Job portal
4.General business
5.Customized CMS solution
7. Social Networking
8.Jewelry website

Service Description

Dazzle India Technologies Company is formed in 2007, with basic objective to providing Web Design, Development and Maintenance services to small industries with best quality work in responsible price.
We offer services towards website design, website development, Ecommerce solutions, WordPress blog solutions, Customized CMS solutions. We are the leading software outsource company in Jaipur, India
We not only design and develop the web applications, also provide a consistent technical supports for our clients to run their business smoothly.
We take pride in providing complete satisfaction to our clients, irrespective of the amount and nature of the work. We understand only with skilled and experienced resources we can serve our clients best.

We are working with following below:


Bespoke and Professional Website designs, Re-design websites, Logo designs, Template designs, Banner designs, Customized CMS designs etc, Emailer design, Brochure design, Dedicated Hiring.


PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Dreamweaver CS4, Web 2.0 Developments with W3C passed HTML/CSS, XHTML/CSS, Fireworks, Cross browser support capabilities, Coral draw etc.


E-Commerce, OS-Commerce, WordPress, General Business website, Dating website, Real State website, Job portal website, Jewelry website, Education website, Social Networking website, Customized CMS website, Payment gateway (PayPal) Integration, Forum, Blog Development and Web supports.

Dazzle India Technologies
A-36, Padam Vihar colony, New sanganer road,
Rajat Path, Mansarovar,
Jaipur -302020. Rajasthan (India).
Mobile No : +91-98261 63123
Email: info@dazzleindia.com
Skype: dazzle_india
Website: Http://www.dazzleindia.com

Posted by Sonesh
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Dazzle India Technology is a professional web development and designing company, situated in Jaipur, India. We have experienced PHP Developers and Designers. Our developers are able to build secure and robust website.

We have expert developers for OS-commerce, API integration; wordpress and other commonly used Frameworks and Open Source Scripts Customization, PSD To XHTML Convert, Web Portals Development, Shopping cart Development, Payment Gateway Integration, E-commerce solutions.

Our developers are dedicated to complete the project within timelines. We have developed and designed many good websites.

Our designers are expert in Photo-shop, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JS, and Animation. They are able to develop eye catching and professional designs.
Also takes into account pages loading time, SEO and web browsers compatibility.

» Website design
» Website re-design solutions
» Ecommerce website development & designing
» Website development
» Payment gateway integration
» Content Management for website
» Website maintenance
» Online shops/E-Commerce sites
» Psd to xhtml/html+css with w3c validation & cross browser support.

Want to convert your PSD to HTML or XHTML file ? Looking for tableless CSS based coding ? We convert your Photoshop designs to clean and cross browser compatible html and xhtml code in 24 hours.

W3C validated HTML, XHTML and CSS coding – Fast & Efficient.
* Send your design PSD. We convert to HTML and XHTML
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed
* We start work as soon as we receive payment

* Clean W3C Valid HTML+CSS and XHTML+CSS Coding HTML 4.01 Transitional and XHTML 1.0 Transitional
* Hand coded markups
* Cross browser compatibility (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome)
* Easy Integration into any CMS
* Optimized for fast loading
* Professional slicing team
* Highly Competitive Prices
* 24 hrs (or less) project delivery (for Homepage)

PSD slicing service
This is a professional css slicing service. We translate design templates into readable, simple to use and standards biddable code. With 9 years of experience, we help our customers to pick the best for any web development requirements. We have arrived to stay and succeed for a long period. PSD to XHTML, PSD TO HTML or PSD to WordPress is our cut of tea.

Dazzle India Technologies
A-36, Padam Vihar colony, New sanganer road, Rajat Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur -302020. Rajasthan (India).
Mobile No : +91-98261 63123
Email: info@dazzleindia.com
Website: Http://www.dazzleindia.com

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