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Web design price?

I'm planning to do a pet online business and need a webpage around 9 pages. I need a database to save all my customers information. I'm not sure how they charge in a package. Just a rough idea how much will it cost? Does anyone know cheap web designer? I need my web to be very very simple no flashing no 3D and i need Malaysia price.

Posted by Francine C
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My portfolio: Http://www.thefen.net

Please take a look on it. If you like it and you have paypal so you can use it on freelance hire site – contact me and i will try to give the price that will satistfy both you and me.

If you don't plan to include complex action using customers database (like sell subscriptions, include membership access types) – i would make whole site for something like $175.

This would include:

1. Layout design
2. WordPress CMS installation and theming it with design developed
3. Customizing WordPress with things you need if it doesn't feature them by default
4. Adding your content to pages
5. Making sure site code is W3C standards compliant and have basic SEO ready status.

P.S. All others who started to offer their own or friends' CHEAP design services didn't even bother to show the quality of their designs so if Asker really wants to hire someone for this, there would be a FAIR choice.

How do I sell web design?

I am an expert with html and css and have very little knowledge in php/mysql or other coding.
I can code Tumblr themes and WordPress themes but for WordPress, I know that I need more knowledge with PHP.

So really I am looking for people solely interested in the design aspect of web design, where instead of submitting a theme to some place like themeforest or Tumblr, I can work on individual projects for a commission.

How do I go about this? I code day and night but have no clue for how to start a project with someone or how to go about the pricing.

Posted by Manic
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You can cold call local businesses and offer them websites. Many local business owners have very old fashioned websites. Just let them know about your services and how you can help them.

You can also offer them mobile websites, explain to them that a lot of people surf the web using their smart phones nowadays and that they are losing business if they don't have a responsive website.

Hope this helps.

Prices for a web design site?

Me and ma mate steven are thinking off making a web design site, where people pay so much up front we make it and then give it to them and they give us the rest.

Hosting + Site Design + Email = ??
Site design + Hosting or Email Address = ??
Site Design = ??
Hosting = ??

We are completly stuck on what prices we should have and i thought i should ask the community.

Posted by David Turner
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This is a tough question. There are a number of ways to go.

If you are just starting out, you probably dont want to lose any potential money. So if someone wants just a quickie for $200, or lots of work, unique logos etc, updates up to $2000.

So either way, i would be tempted to offer a complete package, that makes it simpler.

Basic Website-Email, Autoresponder, Newsletter center, advertising credits etc. Etc.
I would use WordPress to create the site, Give them a custom header only, give them the login and password.
All they have to do is plug in their info.
Give them one support free
additional support at $25 each occurance.

Professional Website- Everything above plus custom graphics, you will input two or more pages of their info, small updates each month, two basic support issues each month etc.
You will advertise and promote the website with Google etc.

If you dont now, I would start up a small demo website on a professional host. An example of the basic website, such as a sports store or bookstore.

A pro host right now will only cost about $40 per year.
Anyway thats my thoughts. Good luck.

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