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WordPress question (website link included)?

I'm having trouble with my website. If you go to this link you will better understand the problem—- Http://www.jusoor-sy.org/

So when your mouse scrolls over one of the tabs (i.e. Our Programs) the sections are sometimes transparent (i.e. Academic Programs) and sometimes they're white (which is what I want them to be). I have no idea what the problem is and am very much a beginner at wordpress. So please help me!


Posted by Skool Girl 7
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Ah, WordPress, I hate wordpress. Personally you're better off learning HTML and building a site yourself, then you won't have these kinds of problems

But that being said, you've got the transparency option flagged for whichever tabs are doing it. There should be an option in the editing section of the page that will allow you to change it. That, or somehow you accidently added an onMouseOver event into the code that defaulted to a different color, but if you weren't messing around with the code thats unlikely.

WordPress or Website tonight?

I am confused between WordPress or Website tonight, I want to create a simple website may be I need guidance for that.
With website tonight I can simply ask godaddy for help but website tonight plans have limited bandwidth and space and also little costly.
In same money using wordpress I can buy cheap and unlimited hosting.
What should I do?

Posted by Rishi
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With WordPress you/web person will have access to your theme files.
With Website tonight, you don't have access to your files, so if you decide to move forward with your website you will lose anything you cannot copy and paste from Website tonight.

Your site will look better and have more built in functions if you go with WordPress!

Tumblr or WordPress for food review website?

Ideally, it would be tumblr but the only problem is there isn't any view data and comments aren't allowed. But it's more customizable and easier to use.

I would be posting a picture of the food, and couple comments about how I liked them, eating out of ten and then mention nutrition info.

Or I guess I could use WordPress to write more but it would take longer and it seems like it would be harder to get more viewers.

Which website should I use for reviewing health foods and protein supplements? Ideally something that food companies wouldn't laugh (is tumblr considered more for youth?) I just don't know if they would look down on it?

Thank you!

Posted by Suga Spice
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WordPress is always the best for website design.
You can choose a wordpress theme to make it much easier to make a website.
The free wordpress theme I use is Zippy wordpress theme, it could help me make a nice homepage without knowing any codes.

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