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What make up colours suit me best?

A quick brief. I have pale skin (but not to a porcelain/alabaster extreme) and dark brown hair. My eyes are a dark grey-blue colour but there's like this golden ring around my pupil so /sometimes/ they appear green instead. I'd really like to know how to define my eyes more as I don't know whether to use brown to define the blue or purple to define the green. What's best for grey eyes? I want it to go well with my complexion and hair colour too.

Posted by Lou
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Go for a smokey kind of green.
Use grey to line your eyes then darkish green (but not too dark because it will make your skin look more pale) for an eyeshadow, then smudge the grey to sort of blend in with the green.
Keep the lips a neutral shade to draw more attention to your eyes.

I'll see if i can find link to a pic of what I mean…

Sort of like this… Http://realcarebeauty.com/wp-content/plu…



How to rotate multiple images in WordPress?

What I want to do is have 7 images of people rotate so that 5 are shown at a time. I would also like each one to link to a different page. Does anyone have any idea how this would be done?

Posted by Rev Johnson
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There might be something here that does what you want Http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2013/06/…

This one especially Http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/touchcarou…

Will I suit platinum blonde hair? Just a simple yes/no! Easy points :)?

colour I want
hair up
hair down

just want as much opinions as possible!

Posted by Fashionandecstasy
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I think you could pull it off if you really have your heart set on it but I will warn you (as a former platinum blond), that it looks amazing done up and with makeup on but the second you take your makeup off and put your hair up in a bun you are going to feel very washed out and it tends to look white trash. I think you would look good if you added a whole bunch of highlights in to look naturally beachy/blonde. Also bleaching your hair to platinum blonde fries it super bad and you will have to cut it shorter if you want it to look decently healthy. Hope this helped!

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