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Should I use WP for my Business Websites?

I've been debating using WP as a CMS for my website(s) for a while now. A little bit about what I have explored thus far, I've gone through Drupal, Plone, Fire CMS, e107, and a couple of others, and they all seemed to make my job a lot more difficult (especially Drupal omg). If it wasn't the CMS itself, it was the community under it. They were either lacking (or absent), or in some rare cases, complete jerks! Naturally, I didn't want to spend sooo much time just trying to learn the bare minimum of the CMS when I'm more concerned about the product the site is supposed to promote.

So after that exploration, I went back to my own CMS. I managed to get a lot farther….faster than I expected. This was for my main site. While working on that, I needed a site up quickly for my Comics site and opened a WordPress.com account. I simply love it! I love the back end, I love the cool article features that are there that help with my posting (scheduled post is the best!), and there is so much more I just love about the system.

So now here I am at WordPress.org and I'm wondering if WP will work for both of my sites. Here are some of the particular needs for both sites.

1. User Management System (with user rights, credentials, and possibly group system)
2. Style change on most current post on front page. After 30 days, style of post changes to default (front page only)
3. Some kind of event planning system

The other thing though is that each site has 1 specialty application which from my reading I hear WP isn't really good for. To refine what I meen, the first site has a Client management system that allows clients to post feedback, upload content where I can see and edit in the administrative backend, and the user has the ability to rate and post feedback about their service. The other site has it's own management system for comics that ping specific information about the user logged in such as account information, credits available, etc.

Finally my questions (srry)
What I can do is have both these applications separate from WP using it's own Admin, but my question is would it be possible to add some kind of link or option in the Word Press backend to those separate backends? Is it advisable? If the alternative is make a plugin, is there a huge learning curve to learn how to do this? What about handeling sessions and users if I were to link out to my seperate admin. Is it difficult (or possible) to recall the user in my application?

I'm pretty sure I have more questions regarding this issue. Any help would be appreciated. WP takes a huge load off the mundane tasks in the backend and if I can utilize it to fit my applications, I would love to do so.

Thanks everyone! If you'd like to see my current website, you can check it here:
and the site I set up using WordPress.com can be found at:

Thanks everyone :D.

Posted by Jamaal E
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Cool site, you could write a bridge between your back ends and let WP handle all session variables, then add the root WP directory to your multi-site. A WP plugin is essentally a PHP class that uses default action hooks to perform tasks, but you first have to enable session variables by adding _SESSIONS to an array in one of the install files, I think its wp-settings.php, could be wrong. And in your main plugin class, use the init action hook to call a session start function.

There are a few bridge plugins, notably PHPBB/Wordpress bridge and the best thing about WordPress, it's opensource and the source code is usually on their org site:

Other useful references:
WP Plugin Guide : Http://codex.wordpress.org/Writing_a_Plu…
WP Plugin api : Http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API
Resources : Http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_Resour…

How to install wprobot , autoblogged and wpmixer (wordpress plugin)?

I've upload all the plugin folder to "wp-content/plugins" folder in my WordPress directory. But in the plugins panel, i don't see newly installed Plugin.so, how ?

Thank you very much,

Posted by imunk123
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Check this….

Make sure the folder you added does not have another folder underneath it containing the files. This can happen sometimes when the author zips the plugin. The folder containing the files should be the folder in the Plugin directory not its parent folder. Sometimes these guys use the same name for both folders and it can be confusing for the unsuspecting !

If you have more trouble these guys can help…


They do websites for contractors and small business, but I have used them in the past for non business related work.

If they are not on vacation this week 🙂

E-commerce pack/extension/plugin for non-cms site?

Hi, I'm making a website for a couple friends because they need the help (and i need the experience), and it is a site selling vintage things. Now, if it were a store for myself, i would just make all the product listings in html/css using paypal buttons because i know how to do that. But my friends are less into that. They are used to listing things on ebay with a simple editor and the like, and i don't think i can be there making all of their listings for them on the site.

Now recently in another project i had to make a forum, and found the forum package 'PHPbb'. This made setting everything up very simple, without having to delv to far into the code for some customization. Now what I'm wondering is if there is anything similar to that for e-commerce?

And no, We are not using a CMS, however, if there is no way to do this otherwise, I may be willing to put a joomla/wordpress in a subdirectory (www.theirsite.net/joomlastore/). But I would rather not have to install a cms if possible

Thank you for your Answers!

Posted by Michael
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Ecommerce is a tad more difficult than a forum. All of the carts (and cms apps) can be installed in the root directory instead of a subdirectory. Or, you can install in a subdirectory. Your call.

That said:

Tomato Cart

All are free shopping cart programs. If you're into wordpress, then you could use the jigoshop plugin, or wp ecommerce plugin. Jigoshop seems a bit more user friendly.

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How to Use Subversion with the WordPress Plugin Directory


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