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Need Help with Easy WP SEO plugin error?

Hi there!

I need help with my Easy WP SEO plugin for WordPress,
why does everytime I entered a keyword in easy wp seo and then click "save draft" it is automatically published and shows error "web server failed to request the URL" ?

I already tried to delete the plugin and re-installed it but it didn't work (still have the same problem).

FYI, I recently change my WordPress template to Metro Theme from Studiopress.
Is it because of the theme?

Does anybody had the same experience? And how to resolve this?

Thanks :D.

Posted by Andre-Andri
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There was a plugin installation failure and the author-links.php file was not downloaded correctly.
Try going to Settings > SEO Ultimate > Reinstall and reinstalling the plugin.

WP Audio Plugin help with centering?

I need help with the wordpress audio plugin (that's what it's called)

I have it setup and working the way I want it but need to center it can anyone help me?

Thank You in advance.

Posted by jon
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Targed wp audio plugin.

Can you use install any WP plugin on the free version of WordPress?

I noticed that the dashboard is missing the plugins button so the obvious conclusion is that you cannot but I just want to make sure since I'm a noob at using both the self-hosted and the free versions of WP.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Mr Pauly Paul
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You can only install plugins on a self-hosted WP, not on the free version.

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Membership Plugin for WordPress


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