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WordPress Widgets on non-WP pages.?

How can I add widgets from wordpress on non-WP pages?
Should I use a path? (like /home/username/public_html/), that doesn't work at all…(haha obviously, but I hoped it would work)

I have fansite, but I only use WordPress for the news, I don't make pages with wordpress.
All my pages are .php.

I have the same problem with Archives: it does work when I'm on the news-page, but it doesn't work on the non-WP pages.

Posted by yvetteRPI
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Only certain themes you can put widgets on. If you have a certain theme you can go to your dashboard and click "widgets" on the right. Some you can edit and some you can't. Make sure when your done you click "save changes." The widgets should pop up on every page. Hope I helped!

Please make me a widget?

Http://www.relaychat.ca/solitaryrose/ima… or Http://www.schlockmercenary.com/blog/wp-… or Http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h… or Http://x-plane.org/home/stitchniche/phot… or Http://x-plane.org/home/stitchniche/phot…

Animate/cartoon the no cartoon and make it do something cute! Edit out the background! Choose whatever one appeals to you most!

Posted by Peculiar Pixie
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To get a widget go to www.yahoo.com/widgets
then click "Install Now"
it will take about 10 mins to install it, and you can uninstall it at any time
but, widgets take up alot of memory, so if you have a weak computer, i wouldnt install it (they dont really do anything, so if you cant have them, your not missing out on what)

then once you have it installed you get 5 default ones and then if you want more you have to go and download them
but be careful, if they are not made from yahoo, they could have viruses (like any site)

so just be careful and have fun

A widgets is a free thing on yahoo
they are little tools that can tell you things or just help you have fun
there are alot of widgets
some are used to have fun and some are just practical
my fav one is th email checker
it tells you how many emails you have

they are these pointless things that yahoo provides
the only real way to know what they are is to download some
3 months ago
well my only source is experience, but, i would like to point out that i am a top contributer in video and online games
and i am #6 in the leaders list for Yahoo! Widgets (and that number should go up, since i am the only person who constantly answers these questions)

How is this weather widget in android called?

Http://www.digitaltrends.com/wp-content/… I'm running Jelly Bean in a Samsung Galaxy Note II but I couldn't find the weather widget anywhere.

Posted by
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This is a standard widget, you should find it directly. It comes with the phone and is not downloadable unless you want to flash those apps with root and stuff. If you are running a launcher like nova or apex, you cannot use standard samsung( or any other brand for that sake) widgets within that launcher. I hope this solves your question.

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WordPress Widgets – Tutorial Series No.12


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