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What plugin can I use that will allow me to turn my wordpress site into an article submission site like digg?

The site Http://www.wpexplorer.com/turn-wordpress… is doing what I want to do with my wordpress blog.

Posted by Josh Kosh
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I wouldn't use WordPress, Try Pligg, it's the best one for the type of site you want, with some great free templates, and of course it's Free… Http://deucegroup.com/make-money-with-yo…

I want to make a news website, initial it wouldnt be that bulky ..which framework should i go for ..?

I use java, so am want to use spring & hibernate ..will that be a good idea , also as it is my first attempt on making a website by myself ..it would be helpful if anyone could let me know how/where to create a Db which i cn use later on ..i have oracle 9i currently bt not very sure of how to proceed further on this..any ino /help is appreciated ..Thanks !!
Hey thanks so much for your response , i would surely be checking out these links .. Yes i dont knw php.. Sql i wll handle ..i knw html jsp stuff..
Hmm lets see let me go through the link s, thanks again for providing the insight 🙂

Posted by dumbgal
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Stop for a moment and think. Don't try to create everything by yourself. The biggest mistake in this industry is trying to create everything by your self. You might create it but it will never be the best. Trust me I tried and failed numerous times. While you are mentioning java using spring and hibernate that can also be done, hosting with that is quite costly. JSP I think is more oriented towards enterprise level websites not for news sites. This is just my opinion. Here is what I would recommend

What I would recommend you is use PHP based WordPress Framework with mySQL. That will solve all your problems.

Here are some themes which I think you would like

just click on download to download the themes and install in wordpress and if you want to see the preview click watch demo.

However if you do not have an idea on what WordPress or mySQL is and how to use them. I would suggest you start using Http://www.wpbeginner.com and learn from there. It might be difficult at start but you will get there if you have basic knowledge on things like html and all which I think you have as you know about Oracle 9i. One thing more all those old and enterprise software like Oracle 9i don't even think about it. Start fresh. Remember when you want to develop a news, magazine or a portfolio site WordPress is the way to go.

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Staff Management In Classy WordPress Theme


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